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citycoco chopper electric scooter battery

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citycoco chopper electric scooter battery Specification:

Charging voltage: 67.2v
Rated Voltage : 60v
Battery pack weight : About 8.5-12kg
Input: 110V-240V
Capacity: Upgraded 20Ah
Discharging current : 20A
Battery type: Rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Output voltage: 40-67.2v DC
Charging current: 5A
Charging current : standard 5A , max 8.5A
Product life: Cycle life More than 1000 times, DOD at 80%
Charging Temperature: 0~45C
Discharging temperature: -20~60C
Storage temperature: -20~45C

 citycoco chopper electric scooter battery

1. MSDS, UN38.3, Safe transport certification by air and by sea

2. CE, RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS Certified

3. for Rooder Mangosteen m1, m1p, m2, m6, m8, r804d, r804o-eec, r804t8-eec, r804t9-eec, Rooley r804i6 and so on.

4. fast delivery from Netherland or Belgium warehouse to whole EU countries. 3~12 days to door.

Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper scooter battery

 Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery

Rooder Lithium battery for citycoco m1 super chopper, m1p scooter arrow, r804d 2 wheel, r804o-eec with rear box, 3 wheel trike 2000w r804t8, three wheel tricycle 4000w r804t9, Rooley r804i6, we have warehouses in Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, we can ship these items from our warehouse directly, min order 1 piece to any countries of Europe. 3-12 day to door, we also accept to pick up from Belgium order right now.

 Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery


Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery

Our battery suitable below models, you can click the pictues to know more details:

super m1 battery
 arrow m1p battery
Super M1 Arrow M1P
r804d-eec 1500w 45km/h  r804o-eec 2000w 60km/h
r804t8-eec 2000w r804t8-eec 4000w
citycoco battery
mangosteen battery
Rooder r804i6 battery video


More option for M8 scooter 30ah and M2 scooter 40ah:

citycoco m8 battery  citycoco m2 battery
M8 30ah  M2 40ah battery


please leave message to us when order if you need battery under seat for r804d, r804o, r804t8, r804t9, r804i6 and so on.


Company information:

Rooder Group has been in electric scooter industry for 10 years, which is factory focus on citycoco, electric motorcycle, eletirc chopper, balance scooter, and kick scooter.

Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery


6 months for battery. 

Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery



Video of Rooder mangosteen spare parts:



05:07 removable battery of m8, 20ah or 30ah.

05:12 Rooder super m1 and mangosteen m1p batery, 20ah or 28ah/30ah

23:14 2022 new model, Rooder Sara, please subscrible and like us, review of the new model will be coming soon, whatsapp: +8613632905138, thanks.

 Rooder Mangosteen m1 m1p citycoco chopper battery

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