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Rooder Mangosteen M1ps 4000W 40AH Electronics:

Battery 72V/40AH removable lithium battery, 2880WH (72v*40a=2880wh), 80-150km range depends on the road condition, driver's weight, speed and so on.
Charger 72V~13A MGSD quick charger, fully charged with 3 hours. (40ah/13a=3.08h)
Controller 72V/80A Integrated controller which supports 65kmph+ speed
Display Motor-style LCD
with charge indicator, speedometer,
odometer, trip odometer, throttle gear level, and so on.
Motor 4000W Brushless DC Geared Motor with 186 NM max torque, up to 80km/h (max speed). Motor brand: QS motor or YUMA motor.
Lights Front: Oversized headlight with turn light
Rear: Integrated taillight on the fender with brake light, and direction indicator.
Throttle Three levels of gear throttle in the default. 80kmph max for European market and 50mph for US market.
Kickstand Electric cut off when getting on the kickstand


Citycoco m1ps Components:

Tires 12″ straight grain vacuum tubeless tires
Fenders Made of ABS material by MGSD.
Brakes Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brakes
Frame Seamless iron alloy frame
Front Suspension Hydraulic shock Fork
Rear Suspension Spring steel shock
Seat double seat in leather
Footrest  Foldable


Rooder Mangosteen scooter m1ps Geometry:

Seat Height 63.5cm
Handlebar Height 77cm
Total Length 212cm
Handlebar Width 85cm
Rear Suspension Length 24.38cm
Footrest Size 12.44cm * 14.47cm
Kickstand Length 17cm
Controller Size 17.2cm* 9.4cm
Front Brake Hose 1100mm
Rear Brake Hose 2250mm
Rear Registration Plate Size 14.45cm * 12.5cm
Hydraulic Reservoir 24ml
Gradeability 30°
Tire Pressure Front: 225 kPa, Rear: 151 kPa
 Net Weight 76kg
Gross Weight 100kg
Maxload 200kg
Recommend Rider Height Over 140cm


E-Chopper Angry Blake, 85 km/h, Samsung-Lithium-Akku China supplier, manufacturer and factory. whatsapp +8613632905138

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