How to Charge a Rooder Citycoco Scooter?

How to Charge a Rooder Citycoco Scooter?

How to Charge a Rooder Citycoco Scooter?
①When charging, plug in the plug of cell box first, then that of electric supply AC220V. When charging is complete, take the counter procedures, that is, unplug the plug of electric supply AC220C, then that of cell box.
②During normal charging, the indicator light of the charger shows red. When fully charged, it will show green;
③If Charging ambient temperature is too high, the red light will flash, which indicates that the charger is in the temperature protection state. Please take the charger to a cool or well-ventilated place. When the inside temperature of the charge lowers to 60℃, normal charging occurs.
④If there is no cell connected during usage, what the charger output is a pulse voltage less than 42V.
When testing, Place a 1KQ ohmic load between the positive and negative output lerminal, then actual charging voltage of the charge can be obtained.

Video timestamps:

00:00 Larsky electric scooter 4000w 40ah 80kmph, designed by SENEN DESIGN.

00:05 High quality frame with 2 year warranty.

00:13 4000w engine, option 2000w 3000w EEC COC

00:16 40ah battery, option 20ah

00:19 long seat for 2 persons

00:30 led lights, trun light, brake light, stop light, plate number light.

00:35 warterpoof lcd display

00:39 front and rear suspension

00:48 black, red, green and silver color, and more then 20 option custom colors

01:00 test ride on road

01:17 overview in black

02:04 overview in red frame with black

02:46 whatsapp: +8613632905138


How to Charge a Rooder Citycoco Scooter?

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